Charles Schwab: Pairing the personal with the professional

Charles Schwab has long been one of the financial industry’s largest, most trusted companies. As the first self-service broker, they paved the way for the do-it-yourself investor. But as the Internet made it easier for Schwab’s competitors to offer low-cost financial transactions, Schwab determined to move upmarket, attracting affluent commission-based investors without alienating their loyal self-service customer base. Schwab decided to evolve their company, and their brand, beyond its discount-brokerage image to include more relationship-driven brokerage services.



Schwab’s new emphasis required substantial changes to the company’s positioning and visual identity. This brand revitalization also offered a much-needed opportunity to address shortcomings in the former identity system, such as its inability to communicate in a variety of formats. Schwab engaged Landor to identify the brand’s core attributes and use them to develop a new wordmark, visual system and brand voice. The company emphasized its need for an identity that would appeal to both new and existing clients, while ensuring consistent expression in print, online, and in retail applications.


In an industry where brands try to out-shout each other, Schwab’s new identity is strong, elegant and sophisticated. The new wordmark combines the personal with the professional by pairing a refined, cursive “Charles” with a bold, all-capital “Schwab”. The look and feel, photography style and brand voice ensure brand recognition across a wide range of media. The elements of the system deliver the message that Schwab offers personalized investment advice, thereby reaffirming the confidence of existing customers and attracting new investors.

The print literature system expresses the brand's new relationship focus.


Past and present – the new identity has a revitalized and cleaner look.

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