Centravis: Being at the heart of the stainless steel business

Located at Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine, Centravis is the leading manufacturer for seamless stainless steel tubes in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries and number five worldwide. The production plant, NSTM, represents over 75 years of steel production and tradition in the former USSR. During Ukraine’s privatisation phase in 2000, the former trading company UVIS acquired the Nikopol production plant. It is the only manufacturer that is capable of producing tubes to Eastern and Western grades and specifications. Landor Hamburg was chosen to revitalize the brand after a study of branding agencies worldwide in part because of its industry experience.



UVIS had set an ambitious business growth strategy to become a top-three European and top-four global seamless stainless steel tube producer over a period of five years. A conglomerate of brands was held by UVIS, which were all directly related to its core business of producing and selling tubes. External perception of the brands lagged, in particular UVIS was almost unknown to Western markets in comparison to NSTM and had only limited brand equity. Furthermore, Landor identified a major gap between the managerial and blue-collar level, as employees struggled to keep up with the pace of the ambitious change processes.


Landor transformed UVIS by developing a new name and identity. The solution is expressed by the verbal Brand Driver™, Combining the best of all worlds – being at the heart of business , not only in geographical terms but also in production and solution orientation.

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