Citroen: Igniting desire for an iconic brand

Citroën is an iconic automobile brand that has been an integral part of French culture for more than 90 years. After enduring a difficult period, the brand emerged stronger than ever in the beginning of 2000. Citroën is one of the two brands of the PSA Group, is currently the third-largest French automobile brand, and is established as the European leader in the multipurpose vehicle (MPV) category. Citroën’s success has been the result of consistent products and a classic style that reinforces the brand’s legendary status.



During the early 2000s, Citroën was at a crossroads. The French car market was undergoing radical changes and only the top brands were able to stay competitive. Even after PSA completely restructured its product range, Citroën’s image still wasn’t as strong as the other leading automobile brands. In 2008 it came to Landor for help. Our challenge was to rebrand Citroën as the best-value automobile brand. We needed to reignite consumer desire for the iconic brand, reaffirm its position in the French market, and guide Citroën’s entrance into new international markets.


To revitalize Citroën’s image, Landor introduced a complete, 360-degree branding platform. Together with Citroën’s designers, we reworked its identity to advance its status and give it a stronger appearance. The look and feel of the brand embodies its new promise of Créative technologie. Citroën showrooms, which are key in strengthening its relationship with customers, were completely redesigned. We also created a brand center and initiated a brand champion network, both crucial components to the revitalized brand’s success. The brand launched in February 2009; by October, sales were up and it was the preferred automobile brand for French people.

Landor established a brand center and wrote usage guidelines.

Citroën's new logo will help reignite interest in the iconic brand.

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